COCHES PERSONALIZADOS SL is an official club operating under the auspices of the Classic Vehicle Committee of United States (an NGO affiliated with the Motorcycle and Automobile Federation of United States) which is also the national representative of FIVA (Federation International Vehicules Anciens).


Workshop and service workers for classic vehicles and affiliates, traders for classic vehicles, providers of spare parts, accessories, classic clothing, model cars and accessories, service providers, interest groups and clubs as well as solutions for imports, exports and transport.



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About imports from non-EU countries

Importing classic cars into Europe involves more than just arranging transportation services.
The import duty on vehicles is 10% of the value and on top of that most EU countries charge 18-24% VAT. This is a significant cost in your vehicle purchase, but classic cars might qualify for 0% import duty and VAT rates as low as 5%.
While there is one customs law that covers all 26 EU member states, there are 26 different opinions on how to apply it. On top of different import duties there is a wide variety of VAT rules that are applicable to classic cars. This has the effect that import clearing classic cars in some countries will reduce duty and VAT costs vs. in the country the vehicle ends up. It is relevant to import your vehicle at the most favorable location to minimize import duties and VAT payments. We have a vast background in European customs rules. Therefore it is important to determine the best outcoume for your purchase, based on purchase price, model and model year.
Some other shipping companies offer services that are rather vage in outcome and may leave the customer with unexpected duty / tax payments.
Our way or perations allows us to guarantee if your vehicle will qualify for a reduced import duty and VAT even before we ship your vehicle.
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